WormFarmingEquipment.comI want to introduce you to a new sister website.

As the Redneck Affiliate Marketer  I started a new web site that should be of interest to a lot of fishermen: WormFarmingEquipment.com.

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Easiest & Cheapest Fishing Noodle

Markus and I like to fish. When we are done for the day, we will take whatever bait we have left over and bait our fishing noodles.

Once baited we toss our noodles overboard and leave them for the night.  The next morning we come back and see what we caught.  We can catch about anything: Bass, Bream, Crappie, but mostly Catfish. Continue reading

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Infographic: Fishing Knots

You already know I am a big fan of infographics. Well, here is one which can be a pretty big help to many of us knot dummies.

I really need to look close at it and find me one which is easy to tie at night.

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Product Review: Quarrow Submersible Fishing Light: 36 LEDs

Product: Quarrow Submersible Fishing Light: 36 LEDs
Availbility: Amazon
Cost: $28.89

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Infographic: What do Crappie Eat?

Many thanks to CrappieFisher.com for producing this infographic. Pay attention to what they eat naturally and it will give you a great idea of the kinds of baits to use.

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Installation of a MotorGuide 775 36 Volt Trolling Motor

The Mighty Guppy

The Mighty Guppy

The Mighty Guppy is an older pontoon boat I bought earlier this year. It came with an Evenrude 60 engine but with no trolling motor.

My older bother recently gave me a used  MotorGuide 775 36 volt trolling motor.

I am a trolling motor idiot so I am having to figure out how Markus and I are to install this thing.

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How to Build Crappie Attractors

Have your even wondered about an easy way to improve your fishing? Fish attractors (Crappie Magnets) are very simple to build and they are magnets for Crappie! Continue reading

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Raysville Bridge Trip

My son came to visit this past weekend. Saturday, we got the boat ready to put in the water, hooked it up behind the truck and then could not find the keys.

After an hour or so looking for the keys we gave up thinking he might have taken them to his mother’s house when he left last time. (We had a pretty intense discussion over this.)

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How to Hook Your Minnow: Infographic

I love infographics! They communicate a lot of information at a quick glance. I get asked a lot “What is the best way to hook a minnow?”  My constant reply is “It depends on what you want to do.” Well some other folks got asked this enough to put together the following infographic. I hope it explains it well enough.

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Best Baits for Crappie Fishing

I already posted about what I felt was the best bait for Crappie fishing. In this post, I am going to discuss a number of common baits and give you a brief description of them.

The Standby: Minnows

Flathead MinnowMinnows are not just any small fish. Young fish are called “fry.” Minnows are adult small fish. Common Shiners and Flatheads are pretty common bait minnows. Continue reading

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