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Welcome to the Crappie Fishing Pro. It is my hope this turns out being your most profitable Crappie Fishing site. The Crappie Fishing Pro is not a title I have earned. I have never even been in a fishing tournament. Rather, it is a title I aspire to. I like Crappie Fishing. I want to be good at it, and I want to help others be good at it.

My Story

I grew up on the south side of Atlanta. My father like to fish and would take me and my brothers fishing on weekends. He fished mostly for bass and crappie. He was an old timey fisherman. He loved the Lazy-Boy lures and the black worm. He was never very good at bass fishing, but occasionally he would hook a good one which gave him a good thrill and a story for years. My momma liked to troll and we would spend hours trolling around Lake Jackson.

He was better at crappie fishing. We would tie up under the bridge at Kersey’s Landing with a bucket of minnows, and on some nights the crappie would tear it up!

When I was in high school my two brothers would go down and fish off Kersey’s Bridge (they had built a new bridge by then and we fished off the old one.) We would fish all night and get back just in time for school. I can not tell you all the times I went to school with Crappie scales all over me.

We fished Jackson Lake mostly, eventually going to Lake Lanier to camp for weekends at Six-Mile Creek. In our twenties, West Point Lake became the lake of destination. Around this time I pretty much dropped out of fishing while my brothers became members of a bass fishing club and continued on.

I pretty much stayed out of fishing except for fishing at a pond my father had and an occasional trip on up thru my fifties. At 58, I married a woman from Lincolnton, Georgia and moved out to about 100 yards off Clark Hill Lake. I couldn’t stand it. I went out and bought me an old Pontoon Boat and began fishing again with my 15 year old son Markus. It took me a while to get the old boat right. The whole boat needed to be rewired, needed depth finders and a trolling motor.

In this process, my older brother had built a house on Lake Oconee, about an hour east of me. I went out one day to fish with him and we caught a bunch of Crappie. When I got there he said that between March and December he could catch 100 crappie on any day of the year and in any weather. This got me a little fired up, and I came back out to Clarks Hill Lake (Lake Throm Thurmond to you folks from South Carolina) ready to catch some fish.

Clarks Hill is a huge lake and is considered two lakes by some folks. You have the Savannah River lake which runs from Augusta, GA north to the Lake Hartwell dam, and you have the Little River lake lying west of the Augusta Highway, I live on the Little River lake and, because gas is expensive and I can carry only so much on board, decided to try to learn this Little River Lake.

I Want to Help You Learn the Same Techniques I am Learning

I want to help you learn the same techniques I am learning and techniques from other pro fishermen around. I want us all to catch some fish and have fun doing it. Some things you read on this sight might sound crazy, but they are reported to work! All I can tell you is give them a try!

I Hope this Becomes your Home

It is my prayer that Crappie Fishing Pro becomes your home where you can come to share your experiences and your knowledge with your friends. I want you to be as comfortable here as you would be around a campfire with your best friends.

An Occasional Offer

I am also an affiliate marketer, so do not be offended by an occasional offer. I have to make a little money to keep this site going. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, check out my web site: RedneckAffiliateMarketer.com

All the best.

-Chris Bradford
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