Crappie Fishing Fails

LemonadeThese are not actually Crappie fishing fails, in some cases I never even wet a hook. But they are a few of the crazy fishing stories that I can remember, so I might as well start with the earliest.

Game Warden & Lemonade

Back when I was a little kid my father took my little brother and I out on an old wooden boat. My bother and I, being kids, had filled out squirt guns with lemonade. Sometime during the boat ride, the game warden pulled us over to check out life jackets. My little brother and I, thinking the game warden was mean, shot him with the lemonade. Needless to say, he turned us loose, but our father burned out bottoms.

The Shotgun and New Girlfriend

ShotgunOur accountant lived on Lake Jodeco. He was a real good guy and would allow us to come down and crappie fish off his dock whenever we wanted.

My little brother had a new girlfriend (now his wife) who he decided to take fishing one night. She had never met our accountant. They had just got out on the dock and set up to fish, when there was a shotgun blast from the back of the house and our accountant shouted “What are you doing on my dock, you hoodlums!”.

Of course, my brother knew the accountant was just having a little fun, but it scared the
crap out of his girlfriend.

Popping Coffins

I would take my son down to Lake Tobesofkee outside of Macon to junk fish. The state park (and its bathrooms) were exceptionally clean and my son had a great time fishing.

At that time, I drove a Ford Taurus with a trailer hitch and had a little boat I pulled behind me. Instead of using tents we would just sleep in the car. I guess my son was 7 at the time, and we were just laying down to go to sleep. I asked him “Did you hear that?” He replied “No,what?” I said: “There goes another one!” “What,” he asked. Then I told him “They built this lake over an old town which had a cemetery. Every now and again a coffin would pull loose and pop-up out of the water.” He believed me and didn’t hardly shut an eye that night listening for coffins to pop up out of the water.

Ramp Troubles

It was a few months later, and at the same lake, which I had another incident occur. You see, it was just me and my son, so I had to teach him early. I used to let him drive the boat more than I did. The boat had tiller steering which took a bit for him to get accustomed to.

When it came time to get the boat out of the water, we would pull up to the dock, and I would hop out to go get the trailer, and he would drive the boat up on the trailer.

On this particular day, that is exactly what happened. When he pulled the boat up on the trailer, I hooked the rope from the winch to the eye-hook on the front of the boat and cranked it tight. Leaving him in the boat, as usual, I went to pull it out of the water.

I cranked the car, put it and gear and stated pulling out. At the top of the ramp, I heard a crash and looked in my rear view mirror. What I saw, was my son starting to stand up in the boat which was off the trailer, laying in the middle of the ramp.

It turns out, nobody had done any wrong, the latch on the old winch had broken and the boat slid off the trailer. But that did not lessen our embarrassment. We got a few teenagers to help us pick the boat up and put it back on the trailer.

QT Cup Lifesaver

My son hated the sun. So we usually got under a bridge as quickly as Rough Waves
possible. On Lake Tobesofkee, this was  directly across the lake. We would go over the bridge and sitting in the shade a few hours, catch what we could, which was usually catfish.

I gotta tell you, going across the lake in this little plastic boat I had was always a thrill. But on busy weekends, it was life threatening. All the wake from the big boats seemed to meet in the middle and it was some really rough water.

Now, that little boat of mine only sat a couple of inches above the waterline. So, in heavy wake the nose would go underwater and the boat would begin to fill. Each large wave would be more water into the boat.

When the water got up to his ankles, he got scared and stated bailing out the water using a QT cup. There was no danger, the boat had enough flotation that if it did fill with water it would continue to float underwater, but my son did not understand this. He worked his butt off trying to bail the water out of that boat, all to my amusement.

Interstate 20 and a Trailer in the Air

Right after high-school, I worked as a maintenance man in apartments. My best friend worked with me, and we loved to fish. We were swamped with some turn-keys (getting apartments ready to move it), but decided to take a fishing trip the coming weekend. Being so behind, we worked three days straight without sleep in preparation for the trip.

Now we had decided to go to Clarks Hill Lake about 2.5 hours away. I had a little fiberglass bass boat. So we hooked it up and headed out. We got to the lake only to be disappointed that the boat would not crank after we got it in the water.

So, we loaded it back up to head home. On the drive, I stated getting a little tired. I was on Interstate 20 and started looking for an Exit. On an Exit sign, I saw a coffee cup and thought it would be great to get off at that upcoming Exit and get a cup of coffee to wake me up.

I did not make it to the exit. Sometime during that last mile, I passed out. My truck and boat ran into the median. I woke up and tried to jerk it back up on the road. The truck did fine, but the boat and trailer flipped over onto I-20.

I gotta tell you to see a boat and trailer sliding wheels-up down I-2o was a sight to see. Fishing poles and fiberglass were everywhere! We stopped to pick up the pieces and even a professor from the University of South Carolina stopped to help us.

The trailer was fine, which makes sense since it was up in the air, but the fiberglass was shambles as well as the poles, cooler, trolling motor, depth finder and motor shroud. So, we were able to toss everything back in the hull and get it back.

It turned out the hull was fine. I took it to the folks who made it in Alabama and they put a new cap on it. It all turned out OK.

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