Crappie Fishing Tips

I have been Crappie Fishing all of my life. Here are a few Crappie Fishing tips which will make you more successful. These represent the most effective way I know to Crappie Fish. If you know a  better way, tell me.

Tip 1: Use Ultralite Gear

It is fairly rare that you will catch a Crappie weighing over 1 pound, it is a mounting moment when you catch one over 2 pounds and you are pushing the state record books when you catch one over 3 pounds. Why the heck are you going fishing with a deep sea fishing rod with 50 lb test line on it? If Crappie bite, they barely tap your line. You have to be able to feel it.

Tip 2: Use Very Lightweight Line

For the same reasons disclosed in Tip 1, you should never use fishing line over 4 lb. test. Typically, I use 2 lb. unless I am having problems seeing it.

Tip 3: Use a Small Hook

This is following the same line as Crappy Fishing Tips Nos. 1 & 2. If I am fishing with live bait, I like using a No. 4 hook with a long shank. It does not matter what color it is. If I am fishing with a jig, I like 1/32 ounce natural color jigs.

Tip 4: Find Your Spot in Advance

Before you go out fishing you need to spend several hours out finding your spot. You are Crappie Fishing Alonelooking for structure. Ride around your lake watching your depth finder closely. Is there standing underwater timber? Can you find dumped Christmas trees? Has someone placed PVC trees you can find? You will learn an awful lot about your lake. Personally, I learned where the bottom came to the top.

Tip 5: Find Your Fish in Advance

While you are looking for structure with that depth finder, you might as well look for fish at the same time. The structure you are looking for should have fish around it. I ain’t talking about 3 or 4, or even 10 or 20. I am speaking of hundreds of fish. If the spot does not have hundreds of fish, leave it alone. Not all fish are hungry all the time. With hundreds, you can likely fish for hours and still have some hungry fish in the water.

Tip 6: Fish Where the Fish Are

OK, so you have ridden around in your boat for hours. You have found structure with thousands of fish around it. You head out and hover with your trolling motor. Your mouth is dripping saliva as you think of that cooler of Crappie in your deep fryer! You cast out for your first time and you never get a bite. You spend 30 minutes and never even feel a peck. What is the problem? Crappy like to suspend. If they are suspended 10 to 15 feet deep and you are fishing 8 feet deep or 20 feet deep, you will never catch a one. They won’t ever know your bait is there. The same holds true if they gathered within 5 feet of the tree and you are fishing 10 feet out. You need to put your bait in the middle of them if you even hope to catch one.

Tip 7: Run Your Motor off One Battery

And everything else in your boat off of one or more other batteries. The last thing you want after hours of fishing is your boat not to crank because you ran the battery down. Them trolling motors, fishing lights, depth finders and running lights all pull power. I crank my gas motor with one, run my trolling motor off of others, and run everything else off another. Yeah, I spent some time rewiring my boat and I have a lot of chargers running the day before I go Crappie Fishing, but it is worth it.

Tip 8: Remember Crappie Bite all Day

When I was a kid I thought Crappie was only a night fish that lived under bridges. I had no idea fishing could be just as good in the daytime. I thought they were asleep or something. But over the years I have caught just as many Crappie in the day as I have at night, and I feel a lot better the next day.

Tip 9: Take an Extra Can of Gas

Do you know how it feels to run out of gas out on a lake and none else is around? It does’t hurt you to take an extra 5 gallon can of gas with you so you will never have that feeling. I have run out of gas 1/2 a mile from my dock and had to row my pontoon boat to shore. Now, that is a job you does’t wanna do.

Tip 10: Take Your Cell Phone with You

That time I run out of gas, I had left my cell phone at home too. So, I could not call for help. I had to row the boat to shore, then walk three miles down a dirt road under I got someone to stop and give me a ride home. That cost me $20 too! If I had my cell phone with me I could have called someone from the boat and then fished until they brought me out some gas. With a cell phone you can always call someone to get you out of whatever trouble you are in.

Tip 11: Let Your Friend Fish Shoulder to Shoulder

Yeah, you have done all of this work finding the fish and stuff, now you are standing at the front of your boat controlling your trolling motor and right on top of the fish. But your friend is sitting in the chair on the back of the boat 20 feet away. Do you really expect them to catch anything when all the fish is up there with you? Be a real friend, ask them to come up and stand next to you so you both can have a wonderful time.

Tips Don’t Get No Better Than This

These are absolutely the best tips I can give you. If you follow these tips you will catch some fish, regardless most other factors.



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  1. Juan Zayas says:

    Great tips and cool article. To be honest I never heard of a crappie! As someone who’s only fished a couple of times, this article is extremely helpful. I am going to take my son fishing and I will be sure to remember these tips.

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