Easiest & Cheapest Fishing Noodle

Markus and I like to fish. When we are done for the day, we will take whatever bait we have left over and bait our fishing noodles.

Once baited we toss our noodles overboard and leave them for the night.  The next morning we come back and see what we caught.  We can catch about anything: Bass, Bream, Crappie, but mostly Catfish.

Unlike most fishermen, we do not leave all of our noodles on bottom, we fish at different depths to increase our chances of catching something besides Catfish.

It is a ton of fun! You should give it a try.

I told you I like to fish. I want to spend my time fishing, not building noodles. I have watched tons on videos on YouTube of other folks building noodles but they make it too difficult. Many add fittings to help them adjust their fishing depth and many add multiple hooks. Some even add plastic tubing to keep the multiple hooks extended from the main line.

I tell you, all of this stuff is nice. Especially, if you had rather spend the weekend in your garage than on the water. I just want to keep noodle building easy and simple.

My method requires only a couple of easy knots and your done! Here is a drawing of what I do:

Fishing Noodle

And here is a little video my son, Markus and I put together demonstrating how we do it. Enjoy!

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