Howdy Yall

Welcome to the Crappie Fishing Pro! We are glad you dropped in! We have been sitting here waiting on you to show up! Grab you something to drink and get ready for a good time.

Share Your Stories

You should treat this web site like your camp fire, where you sit around with your buddies and share your Crappie Fishing stories.All the stories do not need to be winners. Remember that time you zeroed or caught just eyeballs? Remember that time you fell in the lake? All interesting stories are welcome here. If I publish your story, if you sign your name and city, I will publish it. Be sure and include a photo or two if you can. To submit your story, click on “Your Story” in the menu bar.

Share Your Advice

We ain’t the smartest people in the world and don’t pretend to be. We want your advice, no matter how crazy it sounds. You can post it in the comments section under each post. We have heard just about everything, so if you got a way to get the aliens to come down and help you catch a batch of Crappie, we want to hear it!

Get Weekly Tips

While you are here, why don’t you go ahead and sign up for our newsletter and receive weekly tips on filling up your live well with fish instead of air. Some tips will work wonderfully, some won’t. But all will be fun to try.

Enjoy Yourself

We will end up with a lot of great stories, good advice and a few other surprises, so hang around and have a good time

Sunny and Limit,


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