Installation of a MotorGuide 775 36 Volt Trolling Motor

The Mighty Guppy

The Mighty Guppy

The Mighty Guppy is an older pontoon boat I bought earlier this year. It came with an Evenrude 60 engine but with no trolling motor.

My older bother recently gave me a used  MotorGuide 775 36 volt trolling motor.

I am a trolling motor idiot so I am having to figure out how Markus and I are to install this thing.

The Plug Seemed Weird

4 Prong Trolling Motor ConnectionWhen I picked up the trolling motor at his house the first thing I noted in there is an electrical plug on it with four prongs. I do not have one of those on my boat and had no idea what the four prongs are for.

Academy Did Not Have What I Needed

I swung by Academy Sports and they did not have a similar plug anywhere in the store. This made me a little more concerned. I also noted there was only three wires going to the four prong plug – seemed a little crazy to me. The three wires are Red, Black and White.

It Turned Out I Did Not Need The Plug

After searching on Google and Yahoo,I leaned that for a 36 volt trolling motor I will use only the red and white wires, which is good news because I would be at a loss of what to do with another. In this case, I won’t need a plug at all. I can just wire it straight to the batteries.

Wiring The Batteries is Different

This brings up something else I learned, you connect the batteries to each other posiive to negative. This don’t fit my brain very well, but I am told by doing this you can add up the three 12 volts to 36. It seems that if you hook them up positive to positive you can’t add them up.

36 Volt Battery Wiring

36 Volt Battery Wiring

Where to Mount The Motor?

At this point, I got it all figured out –  except where to put the trolling motor on the boat. Some web sites promote cutting a hole in the middle of the boat and mouting it there. Others promote mounting it on back. I want to mount it on front. My Pontoon is a fishing boat, so it has a couple of feet and seat mounts in front of the front high rail. But, there is only a couple of feet between the high rail and low rail. There is not enough room to have my butt sitting up there in a padded chair controlling the trolling motor with my foot as I am manuvering around structure picking out the Crappie.

But from the chair behind the high rail it is perfect. The foot control from the trolling motor will fit right there. I am happy with this even though I would prefer to be in front of the high rail.

Trolling Motor

The trolline motor is so long we had to mount it on the side of the boat, instead of the front. But, I guess it will work just as good from that spot. Now all I got to do is buy 3 batteries and another depth finder and hit the water!





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