Product Review: Quarrow Submersible Fishing Light: 36 LEDs

Product: Quarrow Submersible Fishing Light: 36 LEDs
Availbility: Amazon
Cost: $28.89


  • Imopact Resistant & Submersable Body.
  • Submersable up to 15 Feet Under Water.
  • Two 12 Volt Reb & Black Clips.
  • 20-foot Watertight Cable.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption with 15 Amp Built-In Protection Fuse.
  • Watertight Water Caps.
  • 36 Green High Powered LEDs.
  • Impact Resistant.
  • Full 360 Degree Coverage.
  • Fresh & Salt Waater Use.


I needed a fishing light. I already had lights rigged on my pontoon boat, but I needed a light to fish off docks and bridges. I had ran across the Quarrow Supersible Fishing Light  and it appeared to be much better than the the old headlight surrounded by polystyrene Crappie light I used to use. According to the box it will run off either a 9 volt or 12 volt battery. The 9 volt batterys is smaller and lighter than the 12 volt, but is not typically rechargable. I hate buying batteries, so I plan on using it with a car battery.

The one drawback I noticed was the cable was only 20 feet long. On the new Raysville Bridge, I measured the distance to from the bridge to the water as 35 feet. They are replacing all the bridges on Clark’s Hill Lake (Lake Strom Thurmond for you South Carolina folks.) and the distance will be about the same, so I needed a longer power cable. I ran by Home Depot and purchased 51 feet of power cord for $0.51 per foot. Then I cut the power clips off the light and spliced in the additional power cable. Now I have a light with 70 feet of cable which I can drop from most bridges and docks. Even the piers at Jecyle Island or Tybee Island.

Important Note: The light only works if the positve and negative cords are attached to the proper posts on the battery. Be careful and do not accidently reverse the clips when you are splicing in your extension, or like me, you might end up with confusing clips: Red to black instead of red to red. After connecting it backwards, the light works perfectly! I plan on tossing it off the bridge tonight.

Quarrow Submersible Fishing Light:

To the  right is a photo of the  Quarrow Supersible Fishing Light in the water,  35 feet down from tbe bridge. As you see, it is plenty bright enough for attracting shad and such which will eventually attract the Crappie. I am happy with it.

Remember, I am an affiliate marketer. If you buy something through a link on this page I might make a commission,which is a good thing because minnows cost money!


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