Raysville Bridge Trip

My son came to visit this past weekend. Saturday, we got the boat ready to put in the water, hooked it up behind the truck and then could not find the keys.

After an hour or so looking for the keys we gave up thinking he might have taken them to his mother’s house when he left last time. (We had a pretty intense discussion over this.)

We Decided to Hit Raysville

We decided to grab a couple of poles and go fish off the new Raysville Bridge. The bridge is currently under construction and is not yet open to traffic. We had run by Bob’s earlier and got some minnows, so we were ready to fish.

Markus Fishing

Markus Fishing (Sort of)

Dreams of a Full Bucket

We got to the bridge and got set up with our chairs and all and got our lines in the water thinking about a bucket full of Crappie. But, for some reason the Crappie did not get their invites to the party.

State Record Breaker

After about an hour I hooked a fish that fought like the dickens on the ultralight. For a second I thought I had the state record breaking Crappie, but it was a three-pound bass masquerading as the record breaking Crappie.

We sat there the rest of the afternoon with little action. I caught one fair Crappie, but that was it. We had a family function that afternoon, so we left promising to return that night.

Keys Found

When we returned home, my wife, Terrie, had found the boat keys where my son had left them on his prior visit. It was so late we decided not to use the boat but to go back to the bridge after the function.

Fishing From the Truck

About 9:00 that night Markus and I arrive at the Raysville Bridge again. It is misting rain but we decided to give it a try anyhow. In order to stay dry, we actually sat in the truck holding the fishing poles out the doors.

Disagreeable Truck

Not just the Crappie, but all fish totally ignored our efforts. About 11:30 we got tired and decided to head back home. But, the truck did not agree. The battery was dead.

I called Terrie, but she did not answer. I thought just her ringer was off. I told Markus that she had fell asleep in her chair, but she would wake up to go to the bathroom and see I had called and the messages I had sent her.

Sleeping Like a Baby

We decided to go to sleep in the truck until Terrie got our messages. Terrie did not get my messages until 5:30 AM Sunday morning. It turns out her cell phone had died. It was turned off and was being charged. She had slept like a baby. Markus and I had frozen our butts off sleeping in the truck.

About 6:30 AM she pulls in at Raysville Bridge and jumps us off. Like a kid, Markus hops in her car where it was warm and rode back home with her.

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