The Best Lure for Crappie Fishing

When I was growing up I never fished for Crappie with a lure. We would
swing by Dukes convenience store at the corner of Keys Ferry Road and
Highway 36 and pick up a bucket of minnows before heading on to Kersey’s Bridge at Lake Jackson.

As a matter of fact, we used to laugh at people fishing with jigs. Why
in the world would you fish with plastic and lead when you have a
bait perfectly created by nature and readily available to fish with?
We used to laugh at them jiggers!

Well things change with time. The old metal Kersey’s bridge is no longer
there, it has been replaced with this concrete thing. They tore down
the old concrete block building that used to be Dukes and replaced it
with a modern convenience store. It is still called Duke’s but it
just ain’t the same. Even the Big Dam Store has closed down, the
building in still there at the corner leading to the dam, but the
store has been closed for years.

We changed too. We eventually gave jigs a try. To begin with it was them
yellow ones with the fuzzy yellow tails. We would catch a few Crappy,
but never a lot. We would sit in the boat, rocking with the waves,
envious of the minnow fishing guys. But we continued to try different

It was by older brother who ran across the best Crappie lure. Now he is the type of guy which would tie fishing line to the back of his truck to see which broke first. He tried and tested everything, sticking with the best until he found something better. I guess that is why he has only been married once.

Anyhow, I was Crappie Fishing with him recently. He brought out these little fishy looking things called Gulp! Alive! 1″ Minnows. I gotta tell you, they looked like minnows. He told me: “This is absolutely the best bait I can find besides live minnows. If I could find anything any better I would use it. You might catch a few more Crappie with minnows, but not many. And I don’t have the mess!”

I fished with him all afternoon that day and watch him pull in Crappie after Crappie. I ain’t as good of a fisherman, but I did catch a good number of the world’s best lure. It does  take a little bit to learn how to fish it properly.

According to my Brother, you have to tap it very, very lightly on occasions. He also says the Crappie don’t always bite and run. That a lot of times, they get the bait in their mouth and just sit there. So, you have to pay attention to your line because when it goes slack, you likely have a fish.

In the past, I had accidentally caught Crappie on a number of lures when fishing for bass. Little spinner bates and even little minnow looking lures seemed their favorites, and I had Crappie fished with a number of jigs, but I ain’t never seen anything like these Gulp! Alive! minnows, they are truly the best Crappie Lure I have seen!

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What do you think the best lure is?

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