The Most Crappie I Ever Caught

Lake Peachtree

Lake Peachtree

Back in the mid-1970’s, when I was in high school, I had an assistant principal I got along with pretty good. Every now and again I would get called over the intercom to his office. When I would enter it he would ask me if I had any tests the rest of the day. If I didn’t, he would ask me if I want to run some football tapes down to Peachtree City.

This Was a Code

This assistant principal loved football, but I never saw a football tape. What he was telling me was to take the rest of the day off and go fishing in the lake at Peachtee City. Peachtree City was a planned community, which to me meant rich folks, down in Fayette County. It was about 30 minutes from the school. So, I would take the rest of the school-day off, go home and hook-up my boat and head to Lake Peachtree to Crappie fish.

Lake Peachtree is a 240 acre lake located in downtown Peachtree City. It lies on both sides of Highway 54 as it runs through town. It is bordered by some pretty nice homes. I believe that portion of the lake north of Highway 54 (North Lagoon) was pretty shallow, so I always fished on the south side, near where I put in. Overall, it was a pretty shallow lake anyhow.

Residents Only

Fish Finder Worm

Fish FInder Worm (Ours was not weedless)

I understood that you had to be a resident of Peachtree City to fish in the lake, and that only electric motors were allowed. Well, I at least had a trolling motor, but I did not even live in the county. But I would put-in anyhow, summer or winter. (One winter, me and a buddy had to jump up and down in the boat to break the ice!)

Trolling For Crappie Sounded Nuts

Now, I used to go down and fish with what I called a “Fish Finder Worm”, it was a plastic worm with two little hooks and I would catch a good mess of Crappie trolling for them. I used to come back bragging about my catch to my brothers who were both avid fishermen. To them, trolling for Crappie sounded nuts.

Two Boats of Crazy Teenagers and a Lot of Fish

So, one day we all decided to go down there together. Rigged with Fish-Finder worms and two boats, we trolled around in circles for about 4 hours. To us, it was unbelievable! When all was said and done, between the two boats we had caught over 600 crappie.

To today, we still brag about that trip. Peachtree City later drained that lake, dredged it, and rebuilt the dam. I don’t know if fishing is as good down there anymore. But if you ever get a chance, drop in down there and give it a try! I think anyone with a license can fish in it now.

What is the most Crappie you ever caught?





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